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Vinyl to MP3

An online/social media presence is crucial in today's market. We will work with you to make sure your digital brand speaks without words.


Make sure your website is mobile friendly. That's what we do!

Have your Dad's old vinyl 45s laying around and want to give a cool gift? Let us transfer your vinyl to digital format today!

Production Design

Sound Design

Logistics Management

From weddings to main-stage plays, JBar_ design consultants are here to help you make your next event one to be remembered.


Do you want to create a great voice mail for your customers or need a short jingle? Give      J Bar_  a call and let us help you give your business character.


Moving can be messy, moving many people and things different places can be even messier. JBar_  will help you stay organized.

Social Media Branding

Email Marketing

Your social media presence is so important. Thats why Jbar_ is here to help you present the best possible image to your current and potential customers.

Don't bother with creating the lame Microsoft Word Document flier with clip-art everyone has seen. JBar_Media creates fun and funky email blasts that wont annoy your customers, but make them look forward to the next one. We can even help you create coupons too!

Social Media Management

Web Design and Hosting

Time is money. And JBar_ Media wants to manage your social media so you don't have to. Much like all of our services this one can be bundled or you can ask us to only monitor and manage your social media. We use one platform to watch all of your social-media outlets. Engaging your customers is number one is retention rates.

Anyone can create a website these days; its true. And there are services that lets you build them for free. But that also means your site could end up looking like everyone else's. Everyone  may not also have the time to create a truly user friendly and eye friendly website. From photos to domains, JBar_ has you curated and covered. Call us!

Product Advertising

Fliers / Banners / Business Ads

Do you have a product that you want to get in the hands of the masses? Present your new idea to everyone in the most professional way possible by creating product placement ads that are sure to make every eye blink twice.

Whether its a quick advertisement campaign or a long-term product series, JBar_ will help you brand, design and distribute your business product information in a sleek, modern, engaging format for your customers to instantly love.

Voice Overs

Video Interviews

Radio spots can be expensive to create and take even more time to put together. Let JBar_Media help you create a fun but informative voice over for you to distribute to local advertising and telecommunications agencies in the area. Just call us, we will help you get started.

JBar_ Media specializes in audio/video management. Whether it is a simple expose' interview or a full commercial for your company, we will help you create a spectacular product for your customers to see who you really are.

Graphic Design

Corporate Presentations

Logos, Company Apparel, Marketing Paraphernalia, T_Shirts, YOU NAME IT! JBar_Media will help you design and produce any thing you can print your logo on. Don't waist time looking for the best services. Let JBar_ do it all!

Starting in June 2017 JBar_ Media will be able to provide fun and engaging corporate presentations that can keep the attention of even the youngest audience. Don't bore your company with the same ol' Power Point. Explore the many possible presentation ideas by contacting JBar_ today!

Some Of Our Work  |  Success Stories

Project: www.starrmountainoutfitters.com


Tasks:  Web Design, Web hosting, active design updates, graphic design, re-imaging consultant, logistics assistance, e-commerce


Description: Starr Mountain Outfitters is Etowah, Tennessee's premier outdoor apparel store. From canoes to hiking boots, SMO has you covered. JBar_ Media was able to create a clean, slick website that engaged their visitors. Complete with a mailing list, product updates and e-commerce sales. We truly enjoyed working with this client and look forward to future projects.

Project: www.polk-schools.com


Tasks:  Web Design, Web hosting, active design updates, graphic design, re-imaging consultant.


Description: Polk-schools.com was a chance for a small town's school system to re-create an already information heavy site. By working with JBar_, the technology supervisor gave detailed instruction with creative freedom for the design of the project. Working together, we created a sleek, informative site with browser friendly layout. This was one of our largest and most advanced designs to date.


Project: www.johnsonsdeptstore.com


Tasks: Branding, web design, email materials, photo editing.


Description: This popular, hometown clothing store with nearly 80 years of business has never had a website. We were able to create a fashionable layout that spoke to his customers. This was a great client and is soon due for an upgrade.

Project: www.ocoeerhc.com


Tasks: Web Design, Graphic Design, Web Hosting


Description: Ocoee Regional Health Corporation is a not-for-profit,  Community Health Center located in 6 counties in Southeast Tennessee. They needed a website that was informative, intuitive, and offered web portal access for both patients and staff. This was the first project JBar_ media had the pleasure of doing.

Project: www.middlecreekstudios.com


Tasks: Web Design, Graphic Design, Web Hosting, Video Production


Description: Middle Creek Studios is Tennessee's premier artist's creative work space. Located in the heart of Tennessee, this studio needed a sleek, clean, informative site that spoke to their visitors without the use of many words. Given that they allowed us creative freedom we were able to provide them this media friendly, on line home.

About Us  |  How we can help you



Our Vision

Creating a media brand is more than color, shapes, sounds and visuals. It is a collection of expression in the form of art, music, and constructive production. When you work with JBar_, you are working with a teammate and advocate for your business.


Before the Internet and the emergence of smart phones and tablets, the delivery of media and information was typically spread across different devices and platforms that served specific purposes. Today it is important to keep up with changing trends as well as the technology that leads those trends.


Perfection is Possible

Just because you are a small business or entity does not mean your media identity has to lack the care and quality success demands. We strive to meet your highest expectations and look forward to the creative journey ahead.

Media branding is our business, but quality and identity development is our passion. As a small company, JBar_ Media Group LLC is dedicated to creating the catalyst for the continued success of your business or aiding you in multimedia design projects you have.




Just by contacting us you have already made the best cause in assuring the satisfaction of your needs.



Why We Do What We Do

Design is one of the most important aspects to any project being presented to the public. With today's crucial eyes and individual criticism at an all time high, it is important to make sure your image and brand is properly and accurately represented.


JBar_ was created to help serve small and growing businesses as well as individual entities. Your passion is our drive.

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